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    Bennelong Legal provides the following personalised legal services for individuals and businesses.  

    Please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Principal John Law if you have issues, situations or questions.

    And if we cannot help you, we will do our best to find you someone who can.


    In Family Law, Bennelong Legal provides assistance with advice and representation in relation to parenting and children, property and financial situations, divorce and all related issues.

    Family Law is very personal and every situation is unique in one way or another, so every situation is treated with the respect and personal attention it deserves. For the more complicated cases, John works with experienced barristers, including Queen’s Counsel and Senior Counsel, if and as required or requested.

    In Criminal Law, Bennelong Legal defends all Police charges and more serious and indictable offences, plus Customs, Border Force and Department of Home Security prosecutions.

    Imprisonment and large fines have significant impacts on people’s freedom and finances, so John works with experienced barristers, including Queen’s Counsel and Senior Counsel, if and as required or requested, to give you the best chances of having the Court look favourably on your situation.

    Litigation. Bennelong Legal represents individuals and companies in all matters as Plaintiffs and Defendants in State Courts and as Applicants or Respondents in Commonwealth Courts, as well as in dispute resolution generally, and always with a view towards resolving disputes, if possible, without going to court.

    Bennelong Legal assists in the preparation of Wills, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship arrangements

    Not having these documents in place will usually cause unnecessary expense and inconvenience to others, which would be avoided by having your wishes recorded in legally acceptable documents. We have a tried and tested method for approaching these sensitive subjects, which assists people to assess their situation and have the necessary documents prepared.

    Applications for Probate, where someone has become deceased, leaving an Estate with property and a Will.

    The buying and selling of property (Conveyancing) and dealing with real estate agents, other parties’ solicitors or conveyancers, banks, mortgage brokers, Government departments, including taxation authorities and others, plus finding your next place to live, can be stressful.

    This is particularly so at present, when the Transfer of Title in property by electronic communication is transitioning to a time in the near future, when electronic processes will be compulsory. Bennelong Legal reduces stress by providing conveyancing services which give you the opportunity to distance yourself from the responsibility of co-ordinating all of these forces, to achieve what you are hoping for from these important transactions.

    Challenging decisions made by Government departments in Administrative Tribunals and Courts has been a part of this practice since John represented Microsoft in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in 1992. Challenging the decisions of Government departments, both State and Federal, should always be considered if you believe you have been denied “a fair go” or where you believe that the law has been administered unfairly and against your interests. One of the best aspects of Australia is that the same laws apply to Government departments and citizens. If you believe that you have been harshly treated by a Government decision maker, we can consider your situation and advise you of your options. We also provide assistance with attempts to resolve disputes with Government departments so that applying to Tribunals or Courts in unnecessary.

    Commercial agreements can be drafted in consultation with you, assisting you to achieve you preferred commercial outcomes.

    Sales or purchases of businesses or companies can have all of the stresses involved in the conveyances of property which we have noted above.

    As with the conveyance of a property, the conveyancing of a business or shares in a company can be very complicated and involve a number of competing interests. Our services provide an opportunity to reduce your involvement in the process and the stress and capacity for errors, which is sometimes associated with self-representation.

    Bennelong Legal collects debts by negotiation or litigation. The discussions which would normally take place before litigation is commenced can often lead to disputes being resolved and valuable business relationships being restored. Where resolution is impossible, Bennelong Legal is well able to represent your position before a Court. For more complicated disputes, John works with experienced barristers, including Queen’s Counsel and Senior Counsel, if and as required or requested, to give you the best chances of having the Court look favourably on your situation.

    Customs and international trade related issues is a field where Bennelong Legal have extensive experience for more than 40 years.

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